The single comes off your new album NOA – what’s the story behind the title? Diving into feelings of grief and loss after a break up, trusting that a brighter future awaited me if only I could make it through, made me feel like Noah from NOAH’s Ark (or like any of the protagonists from the many great flood narratives found all around the world). The lesson that sometimes one must come undone and destroy much of what one knows in order to find a new self and a new life, is an old teaching, but a teaching I was learning in a new way, intimately through my own embodied experience.  And so NOA (femme version of ‘Noah’) is that journey. It is both the darkness and fear of that journey, as well as the new life and beauty such darkness gives birth to. ” - Vents Magazine Staff

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Tomorrow sees the release of NOA, the new album from Chicago based singer-songwriter Taylor Rogers. The album marks not only a musical departure from the stripped-back simplicity of her 2014 debut Wax and Wane but a confident step forward in her honest songwriting, one that’s underpinned by confusion and hope.   When facing the end of a long-term relationship with a man she loved dearly, Taylor says she felt a new kind of desperation. “I could no longer pretend to be someone I wasn’t, but this meant losing my best friend, and losing a self and a future I’d created while hiding from what I knew to be true: I was gay.”   Listen to the album in full below and read Taylor’s “Track-by-Track” below” ” - FRUK staff

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Hear the music of Taylor Rogers on this week's Sessions from Studio A. Taylor Rogers is a singer/songwriter from Chicago who blew us away with her live looping of guitar and vocals to create rich and textured soundscapes. ” - WJIN

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“It’s about the feeling of desperation. About missing, wanting, needing, one you cannot be with, for whatever reason,” says Taylor Rogers regarding her new single, ‘oldhills’. Hailing from her forthcoming album, NOA, ‘oldhills’ is a co-write with her twin brother, Cory, whose vocals also feature on the track. Although the LP delves into exploratory musical textures beyond the generalized genre boxes that litter our soundscapes, this tune in particular could be closely affiliated with avant garde indie folk. The ballad unfurls with sweet, rhythmic percussion and guitar betwixt warm strings that come around the Rogers twins’ earnest vocal performance. It’s a well-balanced mix that doesn’t avoid the inherent heartiness of the cello’s resonance. Standing tall, it works well in partnership with violin and the other standards of the ‘oldhills’ arrangement to make good on the song’s emotive core. NOA is due out on 13 September. Keep up with Rogers on her website for blog updates on the album and more. Words by: Jonathan Frahm” - Jonathan Frahm

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As is deserving of the subject matter, “BE4U” is thoughtful and measured. Rogers–an accomplished guitarist–anchors the song with deliberate chords on her acoustic guitar and vivid natural imagery, equating this natural cycle of letting go to the cycle of the natural world. Still, the process can be challenging and leave us feeling exposed, which she movingly explains on the chorus, singing “Fire burns out, river runs through, water runs dry, laying me bare before you.” The rest of the instrumental is a delicately structured construct, and special note goes to cellist Shannon Hayden, whose work elevates “BE4U” greatly. This is no easy subject to talk about, but Rogers does an incredible job explaining it on “BE4U.” You can listen to Taylor Rogers’s new track “BE4U” below.” - Gabriel Aikins


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