Dr. Taylor ("Tay") Rogers is a feminist scholar, artist, and activist in Chicago. They currently teach courses in Social and Political Philosophy as an Assistant Professor at Governors State University. In addition to her teaching and research, Tay spends time promoting student wellness at Stateville and Logan prisons, as well as pursuing local collaborative art projects. Dr. Rogers' research has been published in numerous places, including in leading feminist philosophy journal Hypatia. She has presented her ideas about the importance of combatting emotional numbness for resisting oppression at universities across the US, including at Brown and UCLA. Her first book project on the politics of grief (in progress) can be seen as the scholarly counterpart to their latest multi-media research project with Indiana-based cinematographer Lillian Walker, "NOA: A Music Film," which explores the liberatory role of grief using philosophy, music, dance, poetry, cinematography, and more. NOA recently won “Best Film” at the Bloomington Indiana Film Festival.  Tay's art has had coverage from esteemed cultural taste makers like Folk Radio UK, Chicago's Broadway WorldSubstream, and most notably, NPR's Sessions at Studio A. All of their work is inspired by themes of connection, of presence, and of embracing the depth of our emotional lives so necessary for collective healing.

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