September update

NOA is out TODAY! I am so excited to finally share it with everyone. I hope that within these songs, grief and hope can together illuminate the beauty of our connection to one another. It is truly all that matters. 

Here are lyrics from 8900, one of my favorite tracks, about finding freedom in the midst of being inevitably tied to a world of suffering and change. 

cobwebs of old, kingdoms of gold
precious the load, a delicate scaffold
Freedom's not king, the kingdom's not free
Oh what we'll be, castles from old debris, futures from history
it feels like: oooo
a night sky that holds, what stays and what goes
an infinite game, a rotating picture frame
we rise and we fall, we learn and recall
circling back, to time and its artifacts, time and its open task
it feels like: oooo
time and its artifacts,
time, and its open....

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