March Update

Hi folks!
This month, Lily and I applied for a fellowship at Northwestern. We made a short video with one of our collaborators (Jason Raynard--an incredible queer deaf artist based in Chicago) for it, and we are really excited about how it turned out. Check it out here:
The conceptual framework of the project is becoming more and more clear, and we are learning the benefits of patience, of letting complex ideas sit for some time, so that they can emerge with more and more ground beneath them. We have settled into this project for two years now, and our confidence is greater, our vision clearer, than ever before. Filming starts NEXT MONTH, and we are thrilled to begin sharing more and more with you as we move
into this next phase of production.
Thank you for continuing on this journey with us. Your support and encouragement are integral to making this happen. We are so grateful. 
Tay & Lil

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