September update 

NOA is out TODAY! I am so happy to finally share it with everyone, to take you along this journey with me. I hope you feel release, comfort, and challenged, all at the same time. I hope that within these songs, grief and hope can together illuminate the beauty of our connection to one another. It is truly all that matters. I feel so much gratitude and love today. I'd like to share some of the lyrics from 8900, one of my favorite tracks, about finding freedom in the midst of being inevitably tied to a world

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June Update 

Hi folks,

Very exciting news--the audio album for NOA is DONE!!! We are waiting on the right time to release it, but look for it to be available late summer. i can't WAIT to share what i've been working on in the studio with you. For now, I'm attaching a never before released old song 'Clocks.' It has a different sound than this upcoming record, but as these summer days slow us down a bit, I find myself returning to it. I hope you will find it a comforting presence today:

March Update 

Hi folks! This month, Lily and I applied for a fellowship at Northwestern. We made a short video with one of our collaborators (Jason Raynard--an incredible queer deaf artist based in Chicago) for it, and we are really excited about how it turned out. As you will see, we are now thinking primarily about the ways in which oppression encourages emotional numbness towards marginalized subjects, which further enables violence towards them. We think art can resist these workings of violence through targeting…

January Update 

Welcome to 2019! It hardly feels real to me, but we’re finally ready to film NOA this spring!!!




It took a little longer than expected. Thanks for your understanding and patience! We’re really committed to doing this project justice and allowing enough space and time for the artistic process to happen as naturally as possible, and we knew that those who support this project financially will understand that.


As a quick recap, Taylor spent late summer, fall, and the final…

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December Update 

Hi folks,

Its been a busy and beautiful month.


I just returned from Mexico City and San Diego. In Mexico, I was engaged in a workshop funded by the Mellon Foundation which focused on the critical potential of art for means of resistance. Specifically, I was listening to the stories of women currently incarcerated in Santa Martha Women’s prison, who are participating in the program ‘Mujeres en Espiral,’ ( It was an inspiring and heartbreaking experience that will…

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I am not a Machine! 

Lilly and I are currently in San Diego!



Over the next two weeks, we plan to get most of the music DONE, which is very exciting. We’re putting in fourteen hour days recording in Nate Vaughn’s beautiful new studio, GrossRecordings. You can learn more about the studio here. We highly recommend this spot for musicians on a budget geared towards synth sounds who are looking to record with a high quality sound engineer. AKA Nate and his studio are dope AF.


I wanted to take a few minutes to blog about what…

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Remembering the Pause 


Remembering The Pause

May 16, 2018


Lillian Walker

Hi All!

L & T checking in:


Things are seemingly quiet on the home front, but really they are just percolating below the surface.


If you have been following our indiegogo campaign, you know that last month we got together to submit a very exciting grant proposal, one that will award us a significant portion of our budget. It was incredible to see how much our ideas had developed in the months since we decided…

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NOA & Joy 


February 9, 2018

Some people get very uncomfortable when I tell them I am working on a project about grieving, and about the importance of it for our individual and collective health. And honestly, I’ve been surprised at how challenging its been to get some of those folks I consider most dear to me on board. Yes, folks are busy and distracted. Yes, folks have a million other things to contribute to. Yes, people are over-inundated on the web. Yes, people are struggling…

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Work-cation in Chicago 

Work-cation in Chicago

November 18, 2017

Lillian Walker

Hello world!



Taylor and I just wrapped up a big work weekend at her apartment in Chicago, and it felt amazing. If you have the ability to do so, proactively making time and finding a productive space to focus on one project and one project alone is something everyone should try to do.


We cleared our schedules, got distractions out of the way, and got cozy. We ate together, went on walks together, we even slept in…

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Written from the Floor (the context of NOA) 


Context of NOA Pt. 1: Music Written from the Floor

October 28, 2017

Taylor Rogers

About 14 months ago I ended a four year domestic relationship with my best friend.



I have been gay my whole life, but unwilling to accept this truth for fear of letting go of certain dreams that I had, or that I thought I had, having been conditioned by a southern culture of family values. Like many of my childhood friends, I wanted to be married to a man, have…

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