Taylor Rogers

Taylor Rogers is a decolonial feminist from Chicago. After years of pursuing her academic and singer-songwriter careers separately, her latest project finds a newfound path of integration. "NOA: A Music Film" (out May 7, 2021 in collaboration with Lillian Walker) functions as the last chapter of her dissertation at Northwestern University. The film is a companion piece to the contemporary folk album "NOA" (released by Taylor Rogers in 2019), and is a highly collaborative project which includes movement, poetry, music, and improvisation. The film features seven on-screen independent Chicago-based artists who each bring their own interpretive lens to a multidisciplinary exploration of our emotional lives. The theoretical backbone of the project draws from literature in critical race theory and decolonial feminisms to better understand the emotional numbness at the heart of racialized and gendered oppression. NOA resists such numbness, striving to understand how we can embrace our grief and losses, as well as our inspiration and joys, for purposes of outer and inner transformation. Taylor has released three full-length albums to date, and has toured all over the US, performing in various Midwest festivals such as Oberlin FolkFest ad BAMfest. She has presented her academic work in universities like Brown, UCLA, and many others, and has published in top journals like Hypatia. Her work is inspired by themes of connection, of presence, and of embracing the depth of our emotional lives so necessary for collective healing.