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WWFaC Greenbook Review

"There is so much I love about Taylor's songs! In no special order - the melodies go straight to my heart and gut, and lift me up and open. I love the way her voice cracks and then smooths, the way it is unabashedly real and not perfectly trained but still hits every note right on. The way the guitar notes weave around, leaving plenty of silence and space between the music. I love the lyrics, the way she melds the transcendent with the mundane, the spiritual with the physical, nature with our human reality. Just when I think it's a simple love song, the story opens up to the oneness of everything! I just love that! It's clear where her priorities are, and they so perfectly agree with mine that I could mark every line.....I love how she blends the natural human need for love and contact with each other, and the spirit's need to go beyond this to merge with the All." -Amy Lifton

WWFaC Greenbook Review

“Taylor brings light to the world through her questions, her noticings, her words and a voice already in strong formation.  Also, her willingness to stumble with her vulnerability right before us…Nothing goes straighter to the heart than a pure and aching voice and the words of the heart.  I continue to be moved by themes of connection, of presence, of embracing the dream-states so necessary to creation.  I continue to be delighted by the way the body dances through some of these songs…skin, breath, hands, hearts, the literal and metaphoric touching…and how the sensuousness of these kinds of “touch” images…works on my body as a listener. I continue to love and get lost in Taylor’s singing voice.  So all of these things together make me very VERY happy.  What a great break to help take me, and maybe more than me–out of our heads and in to the music.  That her words and her messages are deep and carry lots of wisdom too just feels ….I dunno….delicious.  YUM.” –Beth Lodge-Rigal