Carolina Blues

Wide Branches
Taylor Rogers


Carolina blue turns Carolina Blues, when my mind, it sits on you. 
As we lay heart to heart, underneath that night of stars, so young, in love, and free. 
But that shootin’ star came passin’ by, on it we wished our love goodbye. Those beating hearts & twinklin’ stars couldn’t keep our young love sparked 

The Carolina sky holds a sky that’s bright as gold, that shines upon the fields, the greenest grass that God could grow, but when the yellow meets the green, inevitably, I turn Blue for Carolina in our memory. 

We passed our days out on the dock, no cares, no troubles, and no clock. 
Just you and me, the 
birds, the trees, our laughter in the easy breeze. 
We kissed the summer days away, but the forest left our love astray. 
We got lost. Our love. The cost. 

And now I’m Blue, I get so Blue, when I think on you. Carolina Blues  

Back home in Carolina 
Where our sweet love will always be.