Taylor Rogers
Taylor Rogers


I fell into your song

Your heart it was the drum

And as I tapped my feet, I felt into your beat

And could not retreat

Puedas acompanarme?

El ritmo siente suave.

Cada moviemiento, esta en tiempo perfect

Nuestro crecimiento


Let us dance, let us dance

Twirling faster into sweet romance

We may fall but we can take a chance

Let us dance, let us dance


The luck of you and me

Meeting up in just a blink of all eternity

Our partnership molding, our journey’s unfolding

Becoming free


Los caminos son dificiles

Pero la musica nos haremos felices

The silence becomes, a melody of love

Paso a paso y nota a nota

Encontramos la belleza

De la danza


Bailamos, bailamos!

Sigueremos girando

Cayendo y volando