by Taylor Rogers

Released 2019
Released 2019
The soundscapes of NOA include vocal layering, saxophone, cello, and other textures that engage listeners in a full bodied emotional journey through loss and love, through grief and hope.
Chicago-based singer-songwriter Taylor Rogers blends soundscapes of vocal layering, rhythmic guitar, and electronic texturing to create emotional terrain that both challenges and comforts its listeners

Album Credits:

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Guitar/Vocals: Taylor Rogers
Drums: Austin Vaughn
Cello: Shannon Hayden
Saxophone: Timothy Bennett
Piano: Eileen Hogan
Recording/Mixing: Nathan Vaughan
Mastering: Chip Reardin

*with a special thanks to Kate Siefker (percussion, mastering), Cory Rogers (drums, vocals), Lucy Little (violin), and Dave Mead (drums) for their contributions on 'Beast,' 'oldhills,' 'oldhills,' and 'waves' respectively*