crossing bridges

by Wide Branches (Taylor Rogers & Caroline Mullis)

Released January 2012
Released January 2012
This folk duo comprised of Taylor Rogers and Caroline Mullis puts on a stunning vocal performance.
  • 03:14 Lyrics No Whether

    When the rain came in you said be whole again 
    That parched brown field will now begin 
    To let all the water trickle in, 

    There is no whether left 

    When the clouds did fade, I took I take 
    The love that we once made 
    I roll and throw in those glossy blades 
    Into new water you wade

    When our sun did shine I said what’s yours is mine. But you’re not mine. 
    You took it all, you breached the line 
    This body must now resign

  • 02:13 Lyrics Carolina Blues

    Carolina blue turns Carolina Blues, when my mind, it sits on you. 
    As we lay heart to heart, underneath that night of stars, so young, in love, and free. 
    But that shootin’ star came passin’ by, on it we wished our love goodbye. Those beating hearts & twinklin’ stars couldn’t keep our young love sparked 

    The Carolina sky holds a sky that’s bright as gold, that shines upon the fields, the greenest grass that God could grow, but when the yellow meets the green, inevitably, I turn Blue for Carolina in our memory. 

    We passed our days out on the dock, no cares, no troubles, and no clock. 
    Just you and me, the 
    birds, the trees, our laughter in the easy breeze. 
    We kissed the summer days away, but the forest left our love astray. 
    We got lost. Our love. The cost. 

    And now I’m Blue, I get so Blue, when I think on you. Carolina Blues  

    Back home in Carolina 
    Where our sweet love will always be.

  • 03:03 Lyrics Lover

    Lover, this song’s for you, and I sing it, when I miss you. 
    Your brown eyes, so sublime, they get me every time. 
    I close my eyes, and you are near. 
    In my bones, you echo “I’m here.” 
    When I’m lost, you bring me home, so I’ll never be alone. 
    It’s true. I love you. 

    And the whole world will join us, on the day when we melt into the sky. 
    And the whole world will join us, and we’ll flow into each other in the light. Ay ay ay. 

    Sunlight, this song’s for you, and I sing it, oh to praise you. 
    Your gold love, so divine. It gets me every time. 
    I close my eyes, I feel you here. 
    In my soul, your warmth is so clear. 
    When I’m blind you let me see, oh sunlight you set me free 
    To my knees, you send me 

  • 02:59 Lyrics Build a Bridge

    They say love is all we need, 
    but I don’t think that we, can build a bridge 
    and get, out of it. 

    You want the ash, and I want the fire. 
    You need the shore, and I need the tide 
    You’ve taken first, and I’ve taken last. 
    Lord help us break, these chains that clash 

    So I’ll dance you a letter, and I’ll speak you a song. I’ll do anything, to let you see that it’s wrong. 
    Cause I don’t know how to let all this heartbreak go, 
    but I know it’s time to get this show on the road. 

  • 02:35 Lyrics Carousel

    This carousel that we are spinning on, 
    it’s leading nowhere, we ride on and on. 
    The people change, we stay the same. 
    Carousel Road, carry me home, to nowhere. 

    Spread your light in the dead of night, 
    dance like it’s a ball, who cares if you fall? 
    We’ve been here all along. 

    Lady Sunlight in her northern sky, 
    she’s pointing onward, to the dead of night. 
    The seasons change, we stay the same. 
    Lady Sunlight, carry me high, to nowhere. 

    Spread your light in the dead of night, 
    dance like it’s a ball, who cares if you fall? 
    We’ve been here all along. 
    Open wide, your heart’s alive, 
    don’t be uptight it’s all alright. 
    We all belong 

    Stop hiding, I see you, 
    because I’m inside you. 
    Don’t run dear, 
    remain here, 
    and I will shelter you. 

  • 02:08 Lyrics Emerald Echoes

    Hear the music of my homegrown. 
    She plays the Dogwood as the wind blows. 
    And emerald echoes on her fiddle bow. 
    They say in life, nothin’s free. 
    My spirit begs to disagree 

    Fallin’ deeply into shades of blue. 
    Makin’ love under her full moon. 
    Feelin’ crazy, actin’ coo coo. 
    Her blue sky, her green trees, set us free. 
    They say in life, nothin’s free. 
    My spirit begs, to disagree 

    Runnin’ wild in her hidden meadows, 
    senses feasting on her flower petals, 
    reachin’ climax and there’s nothing better, oooo 

    Doo doo doo  
    Feelin’ crazy, actin’ coo coo. 
    Her blue sky, her green trees, set us free

  • 02:39 Lyrics Memory

    Ask these questions and wonder why, 
    consequence of time. 
    Think on all that we have known, 
    to the hope of one. 

     This memory will fade 
    But I won’t let you go 

    You have all of me, 
    You are all of me, 
    I am all of you 

    You spoke everything into my life, 
    unlocked the peace inside. 

    I take it, 
    I won’t break it, 
    I keep it, 
    I believe it. 

  • 02:07 Lyrics Plunge of the Unsung

    I am driven, 
    you drive me on, 
    but I’m swerving like a googled-eyed youth. 
    It’s like my recipe, 
    I can’t let go of, 
    the sugar pouring in without direction. 

    How are we to carve out the wood of deceit? 
    Encompass me and take the plunge of the unsung 

    Each angle that bends, 
    no matter which direction 
    I have to face all my tendencies. 
    I am a vapor, of it all, 
    The only thing that I have left is my freedom. 

    Coming over the descent 
    (freedom is the only thing I have left) 

  • 02:28 Lyrics Uneasy

    Speed up time, 
    ease my mind. 
    With ground so soft, 
    you watch me fall, fall, fall. 
    We were happy, 
    now I’m just uneasy. 
    who knows, 
    why your heart grew cold? 
    Uneasy, who knows, 
    will I be alone, alone, alone? 
    We’d go dancing (you’d spin me), 
    now I’m just uneasy. 
    Uneasy is me. 
    The wind, 
    my only company. 
    but home, 
    a comfort all my own.

  • 03:23 Lyrics You Will Love

    You will love like the ocean, like the ocean 
    is gonna dry up. 
    You will love like the earth’s crust, like the earth's crust 
    will pull you in. 
    You will love like there’s no time, like there's no time 
    left in the world. 

    You will love

    You will love like your heart might, like your heart might 
    jump out of your chest. 
    You will love like your lungs gonna, like your lungs gonna 
    leave your body. 
    You will love like your limbs might, like your limbs might 
    leave your side. 

Recorded at TIMARA Studio 2, Oberlin Conservatory in Oberlin, OH in Winter 2012. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Garrett Openshaw in Oberlin, OH.